Japanese Game industry

As many people know, Japan game industry is very popular in the world.
The most popular is Nintendo. It is one of most large game company in Japan.
They not only produce video, they also produce their own game device such as the most popular game device which is Game Boy and NDS in the world now.

And nowadays, the most famous game character in tne world is Mario.

I think everyone,even though people who do not play game are wuold know who is Mario.
In my opinion Mario not only represent game industry,and also represent a culture.

Although many peple think video game is harmful to people and not health to people.
But I think if people know the game,know the story and know the game how beneficial to peopel. So. paly geme it is good for us.

Finnly, when we play the games,we must know it is our people play games,not the game play us.
If people can understand this mean, so plsy game is good for people.

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Japanese food !!

If we talk about Japanese culture, the one of important of it Japanese food.
There are many type of Japanese food. Now, I will introduce some of Japanese food which are Sushi,Udon and Sashimi.

Firstly, there are many type of Sushi. The most common and popular is called Norimaki.

This Sushi rice and seafood, etc. rolled in dried seaweed sheets. There are countless varieties of sushi rolls differing in ingredients and thickness. Sushi rolls prepared “inside out” are very popular outside of Japan, but rarely found in Japan.

Another popular Sushi is Nigiri.

Nigiri is small rice balls with fish, shellfish, etc. on top. There are countless varieties of nigirizushi, some of the most common ones being tuna, shrimp, eel, squid, octopus and fried egg.

Secondly is Sashimi.

Sashimi is thinly sliced, raw seafood. Many different kinds of fresh fish and seafood are served raw in the Japanese cuisine. Sashimi, while similar to sushi, is distinct for its absence of vinigered rice. When slices of fish are served on top of a small ball of rice, it is called nigiri zushi.
Sashimi is usually beautifully arranged and served on top of shredded daikon and shiso leaves. The sashimi pieces are dipped into a dish of soya sauce before being eaten. The daikon and shiso can also be dipped in soya sauce and eaten; both have a fresh, minty taste. Depending on the kind of sashimi, wasabi or ground ginger may accompany the dish and be added to the sashimi as a condiment.

Some of the most popular kinds of sashimi are:

Maguro: Tuna
Toro: Fatty Tuna
Ebi: Prawn
Saba: Mackerel
Ika: Squid
Tako: Octopus

For my self,I do not like Sashimi. Because I am afraid of to eat raw food such as raw fish.

Thirldly is Udon. As many people know Udon is one of popular noodle at world.

Udon are thick Japanese noodles. There are several ways to prepare Udon. This recipe shows three of them:

Kitsune Udon: Fox Udon
Tanuki Udon: Japanese racoon Udon
Tsukimi Udon: “Viewing moon” Udon (the yolk of an egg represents the moon)

Finally my favorite is Japanese Eel dish.

Unadon (Unagi Donburi)
Eel Donburi
The eel is grilled and prepared in a thick soya based sauce before served on top of the cooked rice.

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Onsen – Relax at a Japanese Hot Spring

What is Onsen?
Onsen means hot springs, first became popular in Japan over a thousand years ago.

Originally limited to the aristocracy, their usage soon spread to include the military, whose battle wounds could benefit from the healing properties of the water. Today, everyone in Japan can enjoy onsen, as they are located by the hundreds in every region across the nation. Their water comes from underground springs, usually as a byproduct of Volcanism, and contains many minerals which are said to soothe, relax, and heal the body. If you are taking a trip to Japan, you should definitely plan to include a visit to an onsen in your stay.

Types of Onsen

There are many different types of onsen available for your enjoyment once you choose to visit Japan. Some are mixed gender, though most are gender specific. Some are located indoors, while others are found outside. Some belong to a ryokan, or Japanese inn, and some are a part of public bath houses. Onsen can also be classified according to the type of minerals or healing properties they contain:

1. Simple Springs have the smallest mineral content, but are still good for blood circulation and long-term rehabilitation.
2. Carbonate Springs are good for blood circulation and neurological disorders.
3. Sodium Chloride Springs, or Salt Springs, are good for joint inflammation.
4. Iron Springs are also good for inflammation of the joints, as well as for menopausal discomforts, and chronic skin diseases.
5. Acidic Springs are hard to bathe in due to the irritation they can cause to the skin. However, the acid has, at the same time, also been known to help the skin of people with chronic skin diseases. Acidic Springs are also good for diabetes.
6. Radium Springs are good for digestive disorders and for lowering high blood pressure.
7. Sulfur Springs smell like rotten eggs but are said to be good for the arteries, as well as for many other disorders.

*These are just some of the types of minerals that can be found in onsen. There are other types of hot springs not included in this list.*

Onsen Etiquette

If you are enjoying a Japanese hot spring for the first time, there are a few things you should know before getting into the water:

1. Onsen are enjoyed naked. The first rule of onsen etiquette is that swimsuits are not allowed, so feel free to let it all air out. If the thought of being naked worries you, however, you may be able to use a small washcloth to cover up your privates as you walk around, but it must be removed before entering the onsen.
2. After you remove all your clothes, leave them behind in a basket or locker in the changing room. You’re still not ready to enter the hot springs, however. Before leaving the changing room and entering the onsen, it is first important that you wash your body. There will be an area, normally containing a stool and shower head, where you can sit and scrub yourself clean.
3. When you are finished soaking in the onsen, do not shower before redressing. It takes several hours for the minerals to be absorbed into the skin, so obtaining the full healing benefits of the hot springs requires letting the water stay on your skin.


In my opinion, if people going to japan for vacation, Japanese hot springs is one of most important activity.
Also the best of onsen is at Hokkaido (Japan’s northernmost island). Because there are colder than Tokyo and have many volcano at Hokkaido. So, Hokkaido have many onsen in Japan.

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Earthquake on Japan !!

As many people know, 3.11.2011, there is a level 9 earthquake at Japan Sendai.

It is most seriously earthquake at Japan history.

Those pictures show the city of Sendai after this earthquake.

After this earthquake, Sendai has been seriously destoryed.

But now,the most seriously is a nuclear power station alsoseriously destoryed. It is worry about it may nuclear leak.
I hope do not nuclear leak, because it is very dengerous to people.

But for this Japan earthquake,some of Chinese people were so happy. Because they said, at the World War Two, Japan was invasion China and cause many people die. So, they think Japanese people die are so good.

I cannot understand why they think like this way. Although Japan has done very bed thing at China,and war at China cause many Chinese people die. But those are passed,and this is Japanese government caused,not the civilians fault.

So,I think every people are equal on earth. At this time, we need help Japan to save people life.

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My opinion of Facebook

As many people know Facebook is one of most large social media community. After I see the movie The Social Network, I know the history of Facebook, and Mark how to made the facebook so popular over the world.

Facebook has big impact of our social and media. People can see each other on-line, and we can update about what happen of everyday life.

As because Facebook are so popular and many people use facebook,but unfortunately,Facebook not allow use in main land China.
Only HongKong,Macau and Taiwan. The China government is concern there are some people said something bad for government, so it is not allow use facebook on main land China. Also,twitter,Youtube not allow used.

In my opinion, I think many people are over the world is using Facebook and it can be use on many countries. China should allow people used it. Because facebook is a international on-line social media. In future, China must be allow people to used it.

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Nintendo N3DS sale on 3.18.2011

As many people, Nintendo is one of most large video game company. The newest portable game device is N3DS.
Today is N3DS sale on UK.
This N3DS has it own unique function whitch is N3DS can watch 3D version video, 3D picture and play 3D games with our 3D glasses.

I think it is a one of the huge revolution on mobile device. I was play gameshop, the3D video and 3D picture ,3D games are fascinating. You cannot believe you eyes. Althougt I cannot post video here, because 3DS must you to see it by youself. Video cannot see the 3D function.

In future, I think people will into the new 3D world. And Iphone and other mobile digital device all have 3D funcation such as 3D camera.

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What is Japanese Sakura?

As you can see this is a Sakura tree. This is a celebrated cherry blossoms tree-Sakura-in Maruyama Park at night ,Kyoto Japan.

Sakura in japanese mean’s cherry tree. Also Sakura is considered as Japanese national plant.

In every year, Japanese people have a festival is called sakura viewing – as hanami matsuri. People are enjoy sake and onigiri and have kind of a picnic, while watching these thought soothening, beautiful flowers.
And what does mean by Hanami ?

Hanami is the traditional Japanese custom of viewing blooming sakura, cherry blossoms.

Japanese people gather under trees and bring sake and snacks to eat. When the wind blows the falling cherry blossoms, everyone goes “Ohhhh!”. People enjoy each others company, drink sake together and enjoy the amazing white blossoms.

This is white Sakura.

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